Valerie Donner - Energy Healer
Welcome! I don't believe in accidents so if you were guided to find me and my website perhaps there is some divine purpose for the connection!
Energy is the universal form of communication. In my work I help you clear energy in your body for healing. I also work with all of your bodies (mental, physical, spiritual and emotional) for clearing and healing.
Some ways this could apply to you is if you have pain, in any of these bodies or with relationships. I can read the energies of other people and quite accurately tell you that is going on with them. Energy can be released, healed and cleared. This is successful in personal relationships or at work or in other areas of your life like with people on the other side.
Energy healing is the new way of working with people because we are comprised of energy, many trillions of cells in our bodies and around our bodies. This is how we communicate. It is fast and effective.
I also work as a spiritual counselor, channel, reader and teacher. I have helped thousands of people over the past 15 or more years.
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