Valerie Donner - Energy Healer
Mt. Shasta Retreat
 My Mount Shasta Retreat will be on   August 22 to 25th. You get a 10% discount in you register by July 22. Please go to my website: for further information. We always have a fabulous, magical, mystical and wonderful time on this retreat.
Our Monthly Classes
In keeping with the changing times and following the energies, I have decided to only have one Wednesday night class a month now. This month of May it will be this Wednesday, May 1 and it will be the Monthly Meeting with the Masters. I already feel someone powerful coming to be with us. It will be from 7:00-9:00PM, $30.I will be varying the monthly classes and will give you ample notice about the date and time. It depends upon holidays, etc. This will free me to finish my book, teach in other places and create some other new classes. I also have at least one other new being who wants to speak through me so this should be fun to see where we can go with this communication.Please let me know if there is a topic of interest to you and I will consider creating a class.
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